At Ace Tire, we strive to give our customers the flexibility necessary to make their needs a reality.  We offer financing through two different financing options:

Progressive Financial and Easy Pay Financing

Progressive Financial is a no credit check financing service with a quick and easy application and approval process.

EasyPay Financing requires a credit check with an easy application and simple approval process.


Progressive Financial

No Credit Check Financing

Your Favorite Rim and Tire Shop Now Does Financing on ALL RIMS AND TIRES!!
No Credit Check required, only requirements are -

*No NSFs or excessive overdrafts
*Must show at least $500 deposited a month and have at least 5 transactions to be considered active
-MUST be employed for the past 6 months at the same job (no temp service)
-MUST gross more then $1000 per month

Come down and get exactly what you're looking for!!

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Payment Income Matrix


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